The Radical Humaneness of Norway’s Halden Prison


Please take the time out to read this article, I guarantee you won’t regret it. It speaks about the prison Halden ­Fengsel that is located in Norway. This prison is literally like no other, if you were ever in Norway you wouldn’t even realize that this place is a prison at first glance. There is no barbed wire or electrical fence, and the prisoners are allowed to roam free on the grounds where it is filled with trees and shrubbery. You might think to yourself “Well that seems unsafe, what if they escape?”. The answer is, they don’t. In this prison they are treated like human beings, the guards don’t approach them with violence or with disrespect, and the environment inside the prison is actually quite calm. There have no been any fights, and if there are it’s usually restricted to one specific Unit. The United States definitely needs to take a page from Norway’s book in order to help their prisoners learn and become more than just “criminals”. Read more about this amazing place and the way that they uphold themselves at the link below.

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